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An open letter to Sirius Black

Dear “Sirius”ly Amazing “Black”,

Can I call you Padfoot? It makes me feel closer to you.
You are the one person who came into our lives like cool soothing wind, making us smile, laugh and then after we had fallen in love with you, you disappeared.

You’re the bad boy with good morals, who fascinated us with his smile and taught us the true meaning of loyalty and friendship.

You were born in a pure blood family with an inclination towards the dark arts. Yet, you were the “different one”. The only Gryffindor in a Slytherin family. The only Black sheep in the black family who chose to defy all the family tradition.
Remember you had said, “We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are”, your childhood was an appropriate example of it.

You put permanent sticking charms on Gryffindor banners, posters of muggle girls and motorcycle and fighter jets in your bedroom to show your difference from the family you were both in. To show how you represented Gryffindor, and respected Muggles. Your choices defined you Sirius. Your choices made you a fighter ever since childhood.

You came to Hogwarts, after facing an unhappy childhood, only to make several unbreakable relationships worth a lifetime. Relationships which not only tested you in future, but also tested your patience.

You befriended three entirely different people. The brave James, the intelligent Lupin and the frightened Peter. It was the best part of your life. Wasn’t it Sirius?

Remember when you told Harry, “It’s beautiful, isn’t it? I’ll never forget the first time I walked through those doors. It’ll be nice to do it again as a free man”, we saw the pain in your eyes Sirius. We saw how much you missed Hogwarts.

You were James’s best man since day one at Hogwarts.
You supported him in everything. The good and the bad.
With James, even you went out of the way to bully Snape, just for fun. It wasn’t justified Sirius. It marked a lifetime of rivalry which could have been avoided. But I don’t blame you, in your age when you confessed you were “an idiot”, and you and James were “arrogant little berks”, nobody thinks about the hazard that silly mistakes can cause.

But then some mistakes are unforgivable, aren’t they? You tricked Severus Snape to enter the whomping Willow during Lupin’s werewolf phase. Why Sirius? What if James wasn’t quick enough to save him? What if Snape had died? Would you forgive yourself Sirius?
You know you made Snape an ally for life. Don’t you?
It was something unexpected from you since you were fighting the wrong ever since childhood. Strolled off pretty offtrack, didn’t you?

But when I think of the positive part of it, I feel elated. You all chose to be unregistered animagis just to help your friend in his tough time. Could you be any cooler Sirius?

Sometimes I wonder what role you must have had in James wooing Lily Evans. Were you the one he came to, the first time he felt romantically for Lily?
What had you said Sirius?
“Forget it mate. She isn’t your type?” Or had you been supportive and said, “Go for it?”
Supportive or not, I don’t know, but I believe you had had a major part in their love story.

And not to forget, you all made the Marauders Map too, which later helped Harry in pretty sticky situations.

At the age of sixteen, you shunned your family’s supremacist ideology and went off to live with the Potters who accepted you with open hearts.

Later you attended your best friend’s marriage with the girl he loved with great enthusiasm. And then an year later, Harry was born.
How did it feel to become a Godfather, Sirius? How did it feel to be given a responsibility worth a lifetime?
I can’t help but imagine your days with the Potters after Harry was born. You must have invited yourself at their house every day to play with little Harry. And then it was you who gave him his first broomstick, weren’t you?

It pains my heart to think what happened there after. Everything just shattered. Didn’t it Sirius?
Sometimes my heart pains to think, what were James thoughts when Voldemort appeared that evening. Did for once,he thought, “Did Sirius betray me?”
But I assure you Sirius, his last thoughts would have been, “no, it can’t be Sirius.” He knew you too well to think otherwise.
I often wonder, did Lily think of you before coming in between Harry and Voldemort? Did she think, “Sirius is still there. He will take care of Harry.” She must have.

With the Potters death, I Know, your world suddenly crashed on the floor. After all it was you who had suggested to keep Peter as the Potter’s secret keeper. That’s the reason you went off to avenge their death, didn’t you?
That’s why you couldn’t contain the anger and fury that you felt after James’s death?

Alas, Peter framed you for something you hadn’t even done. You were sentenced to Azkaban. How did it feel to spend twelve years in Azkaban, being accused of a crime you wouldn’t even do if the Cruciatus curse was being cast on you.

I wonder how much you cried, repenting every night, that you couldn’t avenge your best friends. How you couldn’t fulfill the responsibility bestowed by them. How you couldn’t see Harry grow up.
That gave you the motivation to flee from Azkaban, isn’t it Sirius?

Remember you had said, “What’s life without a little risk?”
But when I think of it, I assume it was the biggest risk the “prisoner 390” undertook. What if you were unsuccessful? What if you couldn’t make it? But then I remember, it was you, who had said, “You don’t understand — there are things worth dying for!”. The revenge was worth dying for, wasn’t it?

You took pretty great risk afterwards too. Entering Hogwarts amidst tight security was another one of such fatal risks.
You not only escaped from Azkaban, but also swam to Hogwarts. All for avenging your best friend?
It showed your loyalty, your bravery and your friendship.

Dear Sirius, in the beginning, we all knew you as the mass murdered who had betrayed his friends for Lord Voldemort. But when we heard you shout, “Then you should have died! Died, rather than betray your friends, as we would have done for you”, our hearts felt your loss Padfoot.
We saw you beyond the prisoner with messy hair, dark eyes, rugged clothes and filthy demeanor.

When you said, I want to commit the murder I was imprisoned for”, we hated Pettigrew more than you did, for betraying his best friends, for making Harry an orphan, for being the reason you were imprisoned.
For everything that had ever happened.

How I wish, Peter hadn’t escaped. Then Harry would have come over and lived with you.
Life would have been so different. I almost imagine Harry discussing his thoughts, and his life with you. I almost imagine you and Harry at the dining table, discussing some old memory of yours, laughing hysterically.

You were not only a great Godfather, but also a great advisor. When you said, “the ones who love us never really leave us, you can always find them in here”, we believed you too.
When you said, “Well, [bad] times like that bring out the best in some people and the worst in others”, we believed you too.

And then for the sake of Harry, you undertook some other risks too, like visiting Harry in the platform and then in floo network. You were both like a brother and father figure to Harry, throughout the little time you spent with him. When the evil Umbridge troubled Harry, you assisted him and supported him in opposing her. You even supported him in forming Dumbledore’s Army.

You knew what knowledge was essential for Harry, though everyone opposed your thoughts, reminding you that Harry wasn’t James.

Not to mention your charming smile and the winks you passed at Harry at several occasions. In spite of
spending twelve years at Azkaban, you never ceased to be funny. You laughed, you cheered, you showed us how to live in style.
Why so charming Sirius?

You were the kind of person who didn’t think twice to get out of the way to help the people you loved. You had a choice to stay back at the headquarters while the other Aurors went to the Ministry of Magic that fateful night. But nothing could stop you from going there when you knew Harry was in danger.

I agree you fought in style. That punch you pasted on Lucius Malfoy’s face was the best thing you did.

But then the worst happened.
Something we hadn’t seen coming.
You were all laughing, provoking her, and the next moment, Bellatrix Lestrange killed you.

Dear Padfoot, that day, as Harry screamed in agony, we screamed too, as Harry cried, we cried too. After all we had fallen for you too Sirius.

I wish you had lived a little longer. Enough to see Harry defeat Lord Voldemort in the second wizarding war.
Enough to see Harry’s wedding to Ginny.
Enough to see Harry naming his first child after you.

But then, I know you are happy with all the other Marauders in heaven.
How’s afterlife treating you Sirius?
How was reuniting with James like? Is the old times back again?

For you it’s finally a happily ever after, isn’t it?



8 thoughts on “An open letter to Sirius Black”

  1. Prisoner 390💜. I M reliving my memories. Thank you so much for it. To find a PotterHead in today’s world is so rare when people have their favorite franchise movies of marvel, and DC and others. But Harry Potter has been and will always going to be etched in my mind. Thank you for these posts.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Luckily M not the one left in this world with the Hogwarts in my vacations.. 9¾ at railway stations, and alloh Mora whenever I find my room’s door locked with no keys.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a beautiful letter to dear Sirius ❤ Your letter calms my heart down when I think of Sirius's death, though I haven't been able to get over it after all these years. Thank you ❤


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