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An open letter to Ronald Weasley

Dear Ronald Bilius Weasley,

You had me the moment you had said, chocolates stuffed in your mouth, “I’m Ronald Weasley.”
I would have preferred “your future husband”, but you were as oblivious as we were.

You were the most ignored character of the entire series, but I couldn’t stop feeling for you. You were named “side kick”, “second best”, “Harry Potter’s friend”, but I know you were more than that. It takes a great deal to be the “second best” throughout your life and not retaliate. It takes a great deal to be just “Harry Potter’s best friend.” I know it. You know it too. Your “bloody hell(s)” and “wicked(s)” became a part of our vocabulary too.

I know Harry and Hermione are great characters, but inside each of us, there lies an Ickle Ronniekins. We are insecure, we fight for our identities throughout our life, we want to see ourselves at the summit of popularity and success too and we are scared of spiders or lizards or cockroaches too. In real life, we aren’t courageous like Harry or exceptionally intelligent like Hermione, we are just like you. In real life we are foodies with insatiable hunger just like you. And even we can “eat a Hippogriff”!

You are the kind of Friend we all yearn for. You are the kind of Friend who will listen to our issues and reply “bloody hell”! You are the kind of Friend who is honest enough to say he will be glad to “copy” during exams.

Your contagious sense of humour and sarcastic remarks acted as a shimmering light in the dark situations. I swear when you reacted to Hermione “light reading” with your “this is light?”, we agreed with you and laughed. I swear your, “Why spiders? Why couldn’t it be ‘follow the butterflies’?” made us laugh at the time we were sad that our dear Hagrid was in Azkaban. I swear your McGonagall asked,Why is it, whenever something happens, it is always you three?” and you replied, “Believe me, Professor, I’ve been asking myself the same question for six years”, it cracked us all. I swear your “I knew Ginny was lying about that tattoo” in times of acute tension made everyone feel light.

No matter how insecure you were, you never thought twice before sacrificing yourself for your friends. You didn’t have to be Harry’s “second” in the first year. You were just a kid. You didn’t need to be the knights just because Harry had to go ahead in the game. What if it was real?

You didn’t need to go UpTo Harry over Christmas dinner and try to cheer him up by your “Wanna play chess” and “wanna go and visit Hagrid?” You didn’t have to curse Malfoy and vomit slugs all day. You didn’t need to stand between Sirius and Harry with that broken limb of yours. You didn’t need to advice Neville that he “got to start standing up to people”. You didn’t need to disguise yourself as sick to venture on the Horcruz Hunt with Harry. You didn’t need to dive in the freezing lake to save Harry. You didn’t need to beg Bellatrix to torture you instead of Hermione. But you did.

And sometimes you suffered a lot. You were the knight that was sacrificed. You had to vomit slugs. You had a broken leg. Your father was injured by Nagini. You consumed the poisonous mead. You lost your brother. We feel for you.

I agree you behaved like a jerk at times. You were rude, jealous, and silly. But that’s okay. We all are like that. What matters is that you never let go of your friends.

Your protectiveness for your little Ginevra was understood too. And in spite of that, the acceptance of your best friend as your sister’s partner was amazing.

I confess I never wanted to see Hermione end up with you, but when she did, i realised she was the luckiest girl because your humourous side balanced her serious attitude towards life very well.

Sometimes your actions were surprising in every way possible. In spite of being with Lavender, it was Hermione whose name you muttered, when you were in the hospital wing. Won won had to bow down against the “complete arse Ronald Weasley”, didn’t he?
During the battle of Hogwarts, I found it amazing how you spoke Parseltongue just because “Harry talks in his sleep”? Really Ron?

And not to forget, you were a great keeper, both in and out of field. You were a true Gryffindor, weren’t you? Not even once did you betray Harry. You may have questioned your friendship, you may have blamed Harry in your insecurities, but you never betrayed him. The pain of separation was evident in your eyes when you had use Hermione as an “owl.”

You were a real stress buster Ron. And I’m sure, at the end, your, “Don’t let it worry you. It’s me, I’m extremely famous”, de stressed Albus too.

Dear Ron, Famous or not, you were everyone’s favorite.
By the way how’s life treating you?
Is whatever you do, still accompanied by “a tone of surprise” by her?
It’s okay. We know you will manage. You always have.
We love you. ❤️

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