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An open letter to Severus Snape

Dear Severus Snape,

Or should I call you Professor Snape, Sev, The half Blood prince, or perhaps just Snivellus?

What do you prefer Severus?

First of all I’m neither a Snater, not a Snover.

I’m just a fan who regards you as just another human who made mistakes and spent his life repenting for them by making another set of mistakes.
It’s okay Sev. To err is Human.

You had had an unhappy childhood. Your parents were ignorant towards you.
My heart cried when I came to know your father was violent to you, and apparently neglectful too. So, you knew the pains of being an unhappy child. Today I want to question you, how did your heart allow you to bully Neville the way you did? You knew his childhood was equally painful. You knew he had lived without the love of his parents, just like you, then how did you find the heart to treat him that way?

For once, I can understand your several grudges towards Harry, but Neville? What was his mistake Severus? Being a slow learner, or being a little dim wit? He was slow, but he eventually learnt, didn’t he? Couldn’t you be a little patient with him? You subjected him to consistent rebukes that you became his Boggart. How did you forgive yourself for this Sev?

Did you punish him for not being Harry? Did you punish him for not being the one who Lord Voldemort went after? Did you somehow feel Lily would have been alive lest Neville had been killed? Did you?
Neville wasn’t Harry. But his sufferings were equally horrible. He had to grow up with parents who didn’t recognize him? Is there a greater agony one could face?

I know you found solace in Lily’s companionship. I know you saw her as the medicine to all your wounds. How do you justify trying to scare her sister like that Sev?
But then I don’t blame you Sev, because you were just a neglected child who couldn’t see the only one who gave him peace be distressed?

At the age of eleven, you moved to Hogwarts, finally dreaming of a friendly ever after with Lily. But destiny had other plans for you.You were separated with her. But then, you hadn’t lost her, had you?

You still were here best friend. The one she trusted. And who knows if you hadn’t ventured off to the path of dark arts, you might have ended up with her. You paved way for your exit from Lily’s good books by inclining towards the dark arts, you didn’t chose her when you had the choice. She had asked you to make the choice, remember?

Let’s talk about your hatred for James. He bullied you just for fun. He was arrogant and stupid too. But didn’t he save your life? We all have good and bad in us Severus, what eventually defines us is the part we feed more.

You can hate him for bullying you. But you can’t hate him for loving or ending up with Lily. Do you know why! Because you gave him the chance to be her best man by calling her mudblood, and hurting her. How can you do that even for fun? She was trying to defend you Sev!

Sometimes I wonder if your hatred of James was only because of the bullying and his relationship with Lily, or was it because you secretly wanted to be James. Was it because life had been unfair too you and you wanted a life like James? Was it because you wanted friends like James had? I don’t blame you for that Severus.

Life indeed was unjust to you in some ways. But it can’t be denied that you didn’t leave any stones unturned to give the same horrible treatment to others.

After getting educated at Hogwarts, you actually became a death eater. And yet again made a mistake you had to repent till your death.

You heard the prophesy and went straight to Lord Voldemort, whom you were loyal to, where eventually life and destiny had the last laugh. The child about whom the prophesy was made was believed to be Lily Evans Potter’s son. You were defeated time and again, weren’t you Sev?

I know Severus, if you had known this before, you wouldn’t have done what you did. You would have died but never become the reason of Lily’s murder.

But then, I also believe that you see the true colors of a person when you are no longer beneficial to their life. Your true colors were believed after Lily’s death. You had no benefit in protecting her son. But you did. You had no benefit in living the dual life. But you did. You had no benefit in not letting Harry know your reality. But you still kept it a secret. Why Severus?

Some people regard this as your obsession for Lily. Some people justify your sacrifice as a way to repent for being responsible for the Potter’s death.

I don’t believe this Severus. If mere obsession produced the same patronus, was Tonks’ love for Lupin obsession too?
It wasn’t mere obsession that stopped you from moving over her.

As far as the repentance part is concerned, your love interest was dead, you could have closed the chapter and be done with it. But you didn’t. You chose to work as an undercover.

Dear Severus, why did you hate Harry for what James did than showering him with love for Lily’s sake? You couldn’t have avoided the war between you and James. But you could have avoided the war between you and Harry. Harry was not James, he had Lily’s eyes, remember?
Why was your love for Lily’s downtrodden by your hatred for James?

It may be that you had to show the world how much you detested Harry just to stay in the good books of the death eater buddies. But there indeed are other ways of showing this than constant rebukes. Severus, Lily didn’t die because of Harry, she died “for” Harry. Who knows, showering the minimal amount of love on the orphaned child would have helped to heal too. Yet again you chose otherwise.

Dear Severus, if I move over your mistakes and wrong choices, the sacrifice you did for Dumbledore was a remarkable act of bravery. You had committed your share of mistakes in the past, but you lived your entire life as a lie, a disguise to rectify that. Thank you for undertaking this risk Severus.
Thank you for watching over Harry.

Remember when you were furious at Dumbledore after seeing his scarred hand? Your concern and care for the old man was evident from your anger. Years of working for him had certainly made you care for him. It can’t be denied that you turned over a new leaf in few aspects.

In spite of working for Dumbledore, on Bellatrix Lestrang e’s provocation, you gave the unbreakable vow to protect Draco. When your own spell Sectumsempra injured Draco, your vow broke, marking you for death.

How could you handle so many roles in just one life Severus, just to ensure that the one hidden role is still believed on?

I know you have cried. I know behind the angry facade of a strict Potions master, you lived in guilt all you life, shedding tears nobody could see, reliving fears nobody could see.

In the beginning the way life treated you was wrong, but your choices were responsible for the treatment life gave you later.

How is after life Severus?
Did Lily thank you for protecting Harry, or did she kick you with the Marauders for bullying him?
Either way, they are justified in their acts, aren’t they?

I wish, somehow, you could be saved..
I wish after the battle of Hogwarts, you and Harry could reconcile, forgetting your differences. I wish you could have seen him beyond James Potter’s son and he could see you beyond the professor who detested him. I wish you were there when Harry christened Albus Severus Potter.
You would have been happy, wouldn’t you?

I believe you were never Voldemort’s.
You were never Dumbledore’s.
You were Lily’s.

Dear Severus, you were a person whom we all loved to hate throughout your life.
But then your memories makes us hate loving and sympathising with you.
It’s all messed up Sev.
And it will remain like this.

2 thoughts on “An open letter to Severus Snape”

  1. Bit hard on Severus Snape! But then it’s true he was the one whom we loved hating and then hated loving!
    Miss you, Alan Rickman for bringing a life to character on the pages!


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