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Books by Indian Authors I loved as a teenager!

As a teenager, while the reader in me was budding, I was fascinated by love stories by Indian writers. As I grew up, my taste changed and I didn’t read them again. But there were few books I wouldn’t mind reading again, FOR OLD TIMES SAKE. ❤️

Here’s a list of the best books by Indian authors I would recommend reading for someone who’s looking for a light read, and a book with simple language.

  1. I too had a love story – This is a tragic love story of the author, Ravindar Singh. The book is a fun read, with cute moments of a courtship detailed in a beautiful way. The ending is sad, very sad. And I actually cried a bucket full in the last few pages.

  • Someone like you – A sweet yet mysterious love story of how things fall into place. Meet Niharika, a nerd who undergoes a transformation after coming to Delhi. She meets many, but there’s this one guy whose facade she wasn’t to break. Will she be successful?
  • The Secret Wish List – This is one of my favorite books till date. It’s a journey of Diksha, her crush and how life changes for her. What she does at the crossroad of life? Will she accept the norms of the society of extend her hand to a life of happiness?

  • Custody – If you ever liked Star Plus’s Yeh Hai Mohobbatein, you would like this book. The soap opera was initially based on this novel. It’s the story of two people – a divorced guy and a left-at-the-altar girl who are joined together because of a gift.

  • Just friends – They know everything about each other. But it’s not necessary that best friends turn into couples. But what if Cupid intervenes? Can a girl and a guy stay just friends?

I won’t recommend these books to people looking for literary pieces. These books are for beginners who ask me for recommendations for a light read.

25 thoughts on “Books by Indian Authors I loved as a teenager!”

          1. Couldn’t agree more. But what else can we expect from a country where movies like Race 3 enters 100 crores club? Where people fight to prove themselves socially and economically backward?


    1. Pardon my arrogance as a teenager. I read these when I was in standard 9th-10th. I was too engrossed in Caroleen Keene, Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl to explore Indian writers. As such the above mentioned writers were the only few books I read recommended by non reader friends.


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