The insensitive auto driver!

While returning home today, I experienced something that infuriated me enough to rebuke the person in front of me.

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I boarded an auto today and noticed that the driver was quite grumpy.

At another stop, an old man asked him, if he would drop him to nearby hospital that he didn’t have any idea of. The driver replied in the affirmative and turned the engine on. The old man looked quite tensed and asked again, “Is this xyz area”? It was evident he was new in the city, or he was here to get someone treated in the hospital. The driver didn’t reply, but glared at him. Minutes later, at another stop, a man in his forties, sweating profusely, with two large bags in his hands, boarded the same auto. He enquired about the same hospital from the driver. The driver just nodded. When the hospital finally came and the auto stopped, the two men asked the same question from the driver again, probably confirming whether they had reached the right place.

At this, the auto driver snubbed at them and said, “can’t you understand once. Same questions again and again. Why am I getting idiot passengers today?”

I couldn’t keep quite any longer. (My reactive nature didn’t allow me to!)

I got down there too. The driver gave me a baffled look as that wasn’t my destination. I just said, “Do watch your words when you’re talking to people. People aren’t asking you about a resort or a picnic spot, they are enquiring about a hospital. At least have the common sense that they are facing some issue in their life. It’s true you’re a driver, but you aren’t driving for charity! You charge us. And this isn’t the way to talk to anyone!”

Since I hadn’t paid him, he couldn’t have left. He argued, “Mind your own business. I’m not a guide.”

His arrogance has further enraged me. “I’m a passenger too. Every passenger’s business is my business. It’s not your job, but at least show people some kindness.” I paid him off, and the two people who were still searching for the hospital asked me why did I get into their matter. They were worried I would have to board another auto unnecessarily. I showed them the way to the hospital, and assured them I wouldn’t have any problem in getting another auto. I regularly commuted in that area and knew the way things worked there.

Both of them thanked me and left.

But I kept thinking for a long time. Why are we so involved in ourselves to turn a blind eye to people’s sufferings? Why can’t we see that like us, others are worried too. Others are trapped in some problems too.

I know the auto driver wouldn’t have paid a heed to whatever I said. But someday I could hope he would realise his folly.

Nobody asks us to go out of the way to help anyone. But at least we can be kind to people. We don’t know what someone is going through. We don’t know, but what if a second of ours spent in helping others may be reducing their suffering by a pinch.

I know it wasn’t my matter to get involved in. But if I wouldn’t have said anything, my conscience would have argued with me for long. Because though it was someone else today, tomorrow it could be someone close to me. Someone from my acquaintance.

Be kind. Be sensitive to what other’s feel. Because a little act of Kindness goes a long way.

20 thoughts on “The insensitive auto driver!”

  1. Thanks for coming by my blog! i feel so happy it brought me here. Thanks so much for writing this about the auto driver and for giving him some insights into good behavior! Sometimes life in our big cities is so crazy and it seems like everyone is in some sort of rude crazy competition. What a great a boon to have people like you – who are making a change by speaking up! Thanks for speaking and thanks for writing! 🙂


  2. Sadly it seems that we have become a people who cannot seem to care beyond “how will this benefit me.” There are people who DO look beyond themselves and set the example for others to follow. Thank you for being such a good example of caring.

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  3. You did the right thing. Someday when you will need someone to take a stand for you someone will appear out of nowhere. Goodness done never get wasted.

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  4. So nice of you to do so Vaishali. I appreciate your courage in standing up for what’s right. There are some auto drivers like this ( mostly all auto drivers are very friendly people, from my experience ) who are grumpy and selfish enough to not have kindness towards he concerned people. Shame on those people !! That’s all what I can say. I really hope that people get motivated after reading this post of yours. Once again, thank you for sharing this and great work !! 😊

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