A Scary Five words sentence!

“I can’t talk to you” is a scary five word sentence. You know why? Because it can blow your mind in a jiffy. It can numb you for the next five million seconds. It makes you forget the smile on his innocent face, water dripping from it,the first time you saw him. It makes you forget the happiness you had felt, the first time he had said you were his best friend. It makes you forget when you both laughed and he ran behind you in the whole cafeteria to get back his phone. It makes you forget how he held your hands just because you were afraid of elevators. It maKes you forget when he looked at you with concern. It makes you forget how those long walks with him laughing at your chattering. It makes you forget how you ruffled his hair lovingly. It makes you forget the way he would pull your hair and flash his dimpled smile when you made fun of him. It makes you forget all those days you woke up with his voice.

Because you know, after those five scary words, he is going to forget everything that he ever had with you, every promise he made, every tear that he wiped.
Because after those five words, he would change forever.

It’s like a bird telling another bird, “we can’t fly together.” Or a fish telling another “we can’t swim together.”

It’s not won’t. It’s can’t. Can-Not!

And that is my why friend, it’s the scariest sentence that was ever formed.

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