Five things you learn in your twenties!

Hellooo everyone!

Yesterday, I turned 22. Just two years since I entered my twenties. But yes, these two years have taught me a lot. Each moment has felt like a long day, and each day has been an experience!

Taking a step back, I would like to thank you all for your lovely wishes😘😘 . The day was good. Not the best of the days in my life. But better than the average. Wishes kept pouring in, friends showered their love,my mom, aunt, sibling and cousins left no stones unturned to make me feel blessed, and I also got a sulky “Happy birthday” from father. So it was good.

Now moving on to my post, what are the ten things that you learn in your twenties?

1. You can’t be friends with everyone FOREVER!

Two three years ago, I was friends with everyone. Everyone. Name a person in school, or a neighboring school, I knew him/her. I was friends with even my seniors and juniors. But now, I have lost touch with them. Life took it’s toll, times changed, and we all chose our different paths. I’m still “Facebook friends” with everyone, I see their posts, like their photos, post on their timeline on birthdays, but I don’t know what’s exactly going on in their lives. That’s what happens. Those friends will become like the flavor of that exquisite ice cream you had ages go. The flavours still lingers in your taste buds, but you aren’t actually tasting it. Your twenties makes you understand that there are two kinds of friends- normal friends and forever friends.

You can remain friends with normal friends only when converse with them, in regular durations and stay in touch, sometimes.

And then There are those “forever” friends who don’t even need that sometimes conversation, because with them, you can start where you left.

Nothing lasts forever, including love. And therefore it must be renewed from time to time in order to become firm and stronger, so as not to become bland. – Titon Rahmawan

2. You have to fight for your dreams

Twenties is the time when the fun and cool school life comes to an end, and lousy words like adulthood and responsibility starts peeping through the door of life. You start getting numerous suggestions from numerous stupid relatives you never knew existed! For instance, “you’re a girl! Chose a safe stream!”, “MNC job isn’t for a girl! 9-5 job sucks!” And blah blah blah. For the first time in your life, you will feel your parents are all ears to those suggestions and before you can decide anything, a list of what NOT TO DO is already ready. At such time my friend, fight for your dreams. Because you will feel lousy, defeated and a jerk, when you are in midway, lost, in the path you never chose to walk on. You will hate your life, your job, your parents, your relatives, but above all you will hate yourself for not being strong enough to fight for yourself.

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don’t let anyone limit your dreams.

-Donovan Bailey

3. You have to take care of yourself!

A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body! We rote learn this fact in school, but learn the meaning behind this in a hard way outside school. I’m a big junkie, but I never thought of that as an issue in my school days. Because in school, everyone is an athlete. You have games, you run, you play. But after that, you become a potato. I myself am struggling with my weight. That taught me, you have to give time to yourself. You can’t avoid that “health time”. It doesn’t matter how you spend that time, by running, dancing, jogging or simply walking. What matters is that you move. Maybe you will thank yourself in your 30s for staying in shape in your 20s.

Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account. – Anne Wilson Schaef

4. Being a social butterfly won’t take you anywhere

There is a phase in life, when you want to post everything going on in your life on the internet. Most of your time is consumed by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Twenties will make you realise that making memories with real people than virtual ones will make you happier. Taking a break from social networking will make you feel relaxed. Because I’m sure when you’re old, you won’t regret not watching some sitcom or not updating your profile. And I’m sire you will regret the people and things that were left untouched.

I restore myself when I’m alone.” – Marilyn Monroe

5. Love yourself, because nobody is going to do that for you!

As we grow up, we often hear, love yourself, put your desires above everything etcetera etcetera. But that sounds selfish doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t! It’s the first step to growing up. You should always hold the upper hand in your life, because that will help you in avoiding negative people and demotivating sentences. Twenties remind you that you’re your best friend, your best critic, and your best fashion advisor! Nobody knows you better than yourself. And when you know you’re watching over yourself, it becomes easier to quit things that troubles you.

Of course I talk to myself… sometimes I need expert advice.πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

With this, I’m signing off for today.

Be blessed! Keep reading! Spread happiness!

One Indian Girl

17 thoughts on “Five things you learn in your twenties!”

  1. Happy Birthday to You…
    Well, I’m still 18 but I think I have already seen every phase of life. But I can feel now that my Run will start now, when everyone will against me. Lot of other problems. But I will have only one line in my head that time…..
    And it is ” Don’t fall, stand tall.”..
    Just keep going in ur life and chase whatever you want….
    Best wishes for ur life.. 😘😘😘❀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m late! Sorry.. But belated happy birthday wishes! Be a person you always strived to be!
    Well, even being younger than you, I got to realise few harsh realities you have mentioned. I guess that’s what the teenage and adolescence offers everyone!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Happy belated birthday!

    Ah to be 22 again… wait I lied. I got pregnant that year. All my freedom in adulthood got taken away lol. BUT it’s okay because I did the party scene early and I was honestly tired of it by that point. Now it is socially acceptable for me to share I’m watching The Lion King because #child.

    I don’t think there is anything I would add to your list either. You pretty much hit everything on the nail! I hope 22 is good to you!


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