5 things we need to do instead of blaming the government.

Yesterday I went to the nearby library to return few books I had borrowed earlier. As I came out, I saw a huge crowd had gathered around in a circle near a small shop. The local goons had had a brawl with a schoolboy and a heated argument was in full swing.

Someone from the crowd said, “India will never change!”. Someone piped in, “At least let us go!”. And there were others, trying to make a video instead of intervening. The crowd got scattered as the police arrived and I came back home too, thinking of what the man had uttered.

“India will never change.”

How will she, if we have citizens like you! I muttered to myself, fuming at the person who I hadn’t even seen.

But it’s Not about a single person, is it? Everyone is like that, isn’t it?

How often do we complain of garbage heap in the city, the increase in crime rates, the increase in prices of commodities, and even for the increase in fees of our ward! We just have one answer to all our problems – THE GOVERNMENT ISN’T DOING ANYTHING!

Blame game is so deeply etched in our soul that we don’t think twice before openly criticising our own country, alongside the ruling government.
Do we ever think that it’s the same country for which innumerable ancestors of ours happily gave up their lives?

No we dont.

Because we got this freedom served on a platter. We were never stopped from going out, we weren’t thrown out from movie theaters, we weren’t treated like scums, and that’s why we take this freedom for granted, forgetting the cost freedom fighters paid to achieve it. The government can’t do anything till we support it.

So what can we do instead of blaming the government for everything that happens? Here is a list of 5 things we need to do instead of blaming the government.

  • Cleanliness begins at home – Ever heard of charity begins at home? This is the same. Our PM is motivating us to keep our surroundings clean. But can he alone being a change? No. How much effort does it take to take few steps and feed that “Use me” who sits with his mouth wide open at public places. None at all. All it takes is a maturity, that we have to take the first step. What effort does it take to train your dog to not dirty the road that people walk on? Just a little. The problem is, for us, the enclosure we live in is the only place we consider our “home”. And outside our home, we and our pets are free to spread dirt. When will we start considering the entire country as our home? Trust me, the day we do, we will think twice before spitting, throwing wrappers from moving vehicles and polluting the surroundings.

P.c. http://www.stockportmind.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/hate-crime.jpg

  • Reporting a crime, instead of creating a scene around it or recording it – Whenever we see an accident, a robbery or someone getting beaten, or abused, we stand and watch. We don’t act. Some of us cross all the limits and start recording it on our cellphones. As if that’s the most important thing to do at the time! Having cellphones don’t give us the right to record anyone or anything without their consent. Instead, if we use the same cellphone to report the crime, it won’t lead to something disastrous.

  • Casting our Vote- We are Indian citizens, a part of world’s largest democracy, then why don’t we care to cast a vote? Why don’t we understand that a Voter ID card isn’t just an identity proof to be used in getting a sim card or a LPG connection. Why do we think our votes won’t matter? The Constitution gives people above 18 years of age, the right to vote because the makers of the Constitution knew that after 18, we would be mature enough to differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad. Then why do we self declare the election day as a holiday and stay at home watching TV rather than going out and casting our vote? And If we don’t act, why do we complain?

  • Stop damaging public utilities- How often do we break the couches at our homes? How often do we spit on the walls of our drawing rooms? We don’t do that. Then why do we take the public utilities for granted. The chairs won’t heal themselves, the walls won’t clean themselves, the taps won’t repair itself. And we won’t stop complaining if we find a broken chair, a leaking tap or a dirty wall. Because we were born beneath a free sky. So we need everything spick and span. But we aren’t ready to maintain it. Show some responsibility, don’t damage public utilities and stop others from doing so too.

  • Becoming a responsible taxpayer – We cringe at the sight of garbage dumps, we curse the ditches on the road, we leave no stones unturned to criticise the government, but we don’t want to contribute to it with a smile, do we? Why do we cringe at the words “income tax”? How will the government provide us with the amenities we ‘demand’ if we don’t contribute our share to the economy?

Stop blaming! Start doing.

One Indian Girl

11 thoughts on “5 things we need to do instead of blaming the government.”

  1. i think casting vote will never change anything cos, all are culprits in one or other way…Government does some 25% only and remaining we outta do ourselves


      1. Hopefully one day we will change..but in my opinion. the Kings rule that we had before in India will fit… democrazy will never work out.. the kings rule respective of the people on their area with good understanding and the rules will not apply whole India in current system..my opinion


          1. If I were to say where it started and how not affected the southern states, then it might turn up into conflict, so I let it so


            1. See.. we all know. There are exceptions everywhere. Some kinds were kind. Some were not. Some were courageous. Some were not. But the government isn’t comprised of a single person, so that’s far better than being rules by a king. We have a Constitution.

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  2. Our thinkings are probably common!!! We think same! Good concept! 😍😍😍 Keep it up! We can just HOPE FOR A CHANGE! AND BRING A CHANGE TO SEE A CHANGE, maybe? Thanks for this post! ❤


  3. I agree with every word of the post….great work! We people got to pay attention to the words that the democracy is….’OF THE PEOPLE, by the people and for the people’ and hence cannot be successful if WE PEOPLE do not co-operate with the 5 things you just listed above instead of just blaming the government!


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