Letters, Open Letters

Open letter challenge!

Hello everyone!

I Found this challenge on Facebook.

Didn’t find it too enthralling even when I love writing open letter.

Can you all suggest who should I address my next letter to?

One Indian Girl

My other open letters are listed below –

  1. Dear 22year old self
  2. An Open Letter To The Friends I Lost Contact With!
  3. Dear 16 year old me
  4. A letter to the “temporary one”!
  5. An open letter from Albus Severus Potter to his father.
  6. An open letter to “Comment Box”
  7. An open letter to Ginny Weasley
  8. A letter from the other side.
  9. To the one I haven’t met.. yet!
  10. Dear Grandpa
  11. Dear Dad, with love.
  12. An open letter to Lord Voldemort
  13. The Dear Departed Soul
  14. An open letter to Rubeus Hagrid
  15. An open letter to Sirius Black
  16. An open letter to Severus Snape
  17. An open letter to Luna Lovegood
  18. An open letter to Ronald Weasley
  19. An Open Letter to Hermione Granger
  20. An Open Letter to Harry Potter
  21. An open letter from the tricolour!

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