I’m the girl you call boring.

Hey there!

Did you recognize me?

I’m the girl you tag as the “boring one”. I may appear boring, but I’m as naughty as everyone out there, trying to be cool and sassy. Just a few people know of it. And I like it that way.

I’m the girl who doesn’t have “weekend plans.” I stay at home. Laughing, talking, joking with family members amidst hi-fives is what I regard as a perfect weekend.

I’m the girl who doesn’t go on “solo trips”, or “night out” and “sleepovers” with friends. I just dream of flying away to a distant land when I’m capable of doing so. And my dreams aren’t for myself alone. My family is in it too.

I’m the girl who doesn’t flaunt “high heels” all the time. I keep my head high, and enjoy my flats.

I’m the one who doesn’t dress up according to the latest trend by some far off fashion designer. My mom still choses my outfits. My personal designer since the day I was born. Not everyone is as lucky.

I don’t dab makeup, and I’m not pretty by your standards. I can’t hide my natural aura behind a layer of foundation. My mother’s smile when I get ready is a proof that I’m pretty.

I’m not the one with a million friends. I have a countable friends who listen to me. What else does one need.

I’m not boring.

I’m just not the same as everyone. And yet my life’s a joyride.

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