Love’s like a red sweater!

Remember the day when you went shopping?

After scanning shops after shops, you couldn’t find the dress that you think is the “one for you”.

Disheartened and unhappy, you half heartedly chose that black shrug that you think looks okay-ish.

The price is okay. The quality of the cloth is okay. The Colour is okay.

Your shopping partner says it looks good too. And when you’re standing in the payment section, something looks at you, from a far off section you had previously ignored.

A red sweater.

You keep the black shrug and run to grab that sweater.

It’s the exact shade you always wanted. The fabric feels so welcoming. It enhances your features and compliments you more than the black one.

And to you surprise, even the tall girl with the crooked nose who’s gazing at herself in the huge mirror turns to you and says, “that looks so good on you.”

See that’s love.

Love is like that red sweater.

When you search for it, desperately, frantically, everywhere, it won’t reveal itself.

The moment you give up your expectations and settle for something half heartedly, believing that it’s the thing you deserve, love will bounce back right into your face, with a full fledged blow, making you think, oh my God, it has always been there, so close, why didn’t I see it?

You never saw it, because it wanted to stay hidden, till the right time.

It’s often quoted,

“We accept the love we think we deserve.”

Love’s like that. You settle for an option, and it comes forward as a slightly perfect option.

And I bet you can’t deny that you like that red sweater better than the black shrug.

One Indian Girl

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