The fireworks that didn’t stop!

This is another incident from my school days. I wasn’t a fan of physics, which later on became the reason for my changing over to the commerce stream after matriculation. Physics class appeared to be boring and monotonous to me.

That day, somehow I convinced my best friend Naina to bunk the class with me. The girl was too good in physics, so it was seriously a Herculean task. πŸ˜‚

The physics class was on the second half, so we decided to leave the class two minutes after the previous teacher left, because we had approximately five minutes before the physics teacher would arrive.

We began our “voyage” by leaving the school building and wandering in the campus near the mango grooves. We were spotted by the Games teacher, and to escape from his wrath, we entered the building again. Our class was in the uppermost floor, the third floor. The festival of Deepawali was around the corner, and a strict checking was being undertaken by batch holders, and teachers. In spite of the checking, some students left no stones unturned to bombard the peace of the school with firecracker of various types. The teacher’s were getting impatient and often threatened of suspending any student who would get caught in the mischief.

As a result nobody loitered around the washroom, with the fear of being caught, because most of the firecrackers were planted in the washroom, especially the boy’s washroom.

The girl’s washroom was devoid of such shenanigans. I and Naina, decided to hide in the ground floor washroom.

No matter how wierd it sounds, the washroom area of my school is quite vast. No Matter how many girls dabbed mascara, eyeliner in their eyes, or applied lip balm or just combed their hair a million times, standing in front of the large mirror, the place never felt overcrowded. And at that time, I and Naina were there alone.

We talked for five peaceful minutes when a loud boom shook us. Boooom!

A firecracker had exploded in one of the cubicles of the washroom we were in! πŸ˜’πŸ™„

We looked at each other, horror stuck.

Any moment now, teachers would come swarming in, and we would get caught, for the act we hadn’t even done. 😢

Without a second thought, we ran to save our lives.

Panting and running, we entered the girl’s washroom on the first floor and heaved a sigh of relief.

Five minutes later, the first floor shook too. The day wasn’t good.

“I have a feeling we will be suspended!” Naina said.

I couldn’t help but agree. 😒😀

Testing our luck, we went to the second floor washroom. We knew the corridor was no more a safe place to wander, and we couldn’t even go back to our classroom. The teacher would know we were bunking lectures.

The only hiding place left for us was the girl’s washroom. But who knew which place was the next target.

The students who planted this firecrackers often tied it with the incense stick. That’s why it took 15-20 minutes to explode. And by that time the culprit would easily flee from the place.

We were struck, and we had nowhere to go. Nowhere at all. Five minutes crossed and there was a silence. Paranoid and afraid, I and Naina were not uttering a word. Our relief was not long lasting because within ten minutes, another set of crackers exploded, reverberating the entire floor.

It was my idea to bunk. And I had a feeling something terrible going to happen soon.

We started Running again, and this time, both of our feet stopped when we had reached our classroom.

The teacher who was busy explaining “concave mirror” looked at us and questioned, “Where were you both?”

Now that’s called “out of frying pan, into the fire.”

Naina looked at me, and I was looking at the floor, wishing it would make me disappear. We tried my luck for the last time. Naina said, “Sir she had fainted in the class. I took her to get fresh air.”

Who gives such an excuse? And who believes such an excuse?

But the teacher didn’t ask us anything further and allowed us to sit in the classroom.

Regardless to say, physics was the most interesting subject that day.

Afterall, it was the day when The fireworks didn’t stop!


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