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An open letter to the new “hookah” school going generation!

Hola there!

You can call me an old school girl/ woman, or someone who’s just going to rant about your “cool” generation in the next few paragraphs.

I called myself an old school, because, I suppose that’s what I’m!

My little sister is still in school, and the tales I hear from her are hair raising. And I’m glad, she follows my footsteps. I’m glad that inspite of being a part of your generation, she’s not one amongst you.

You kids are growing up too fast, aren’t you? Enjoying school life, ugh-ha?

Mind you, I had an amazing school life too. I had had my share of mischievous activities, but neither I nor, my friends ever fell to such habits.

What’s up with the habit of going to bars, savouring Hookah’s, smoking, drinking at this age? What’s up with the “abusive” language you use for even for tiny things.

Is that cool? Does that make you cool? No. It doesn’t.

What will your parents do! What will your teachers, badge holders do? They can keep a check on you for once, twice. But they can’t change your ways, till you want to do so!

Why are you so inclined towards things that are harmful even for adults? Will that make you a smart grown up? No. You’ll remain a fool. A fool who’s destroying his life.

Do you even realise the danger you’re putting yourself in by indulging in such habits?

And for those idiots who believe hookah isn’t dangerous as smoking, google the facts and you will know.

A hookah smoker can inhale the equivalent of 100 or more cigarettes in one session.

The Quit Blog

I have friends who are all praise for the movie Sanju, saying it’s a saga for someone who changed for good and blah blah blah. But I know what impact this kind of movie actually has on this generation.

It teaches them, fooling around, taking drugs and everything is so good. It makes you so cool..

They are least bothered about the consequences the actor faced, because hello – we are a magnet to wrong things and bad habits.

The ill effects of smoking are known to all. But eventually nobody cares. What’s the harm “dude?” Just one lung? That’s affordable.

You’re not even of age. Visiting lounges, smoking pots doesn’t make you cool.

What do you all have the wrong idea of “cool”?

Why do you think abusing teachers behind their back, abusing friends, calling each other with obscene names makes you a stud?


Think of yourself. Think of yourself family. Are they working so hard for you, just so that you can go out of the way, to disdain them?

You have got only one life. Don’t waste it on these stupid things. These things are nothing compared to the innumerable memories you’re yet to make in this life.

It’s your call. It’s your choice. Because you’re the “smart” generation.

Think twice before you waste away your life in puffs of smoke.

The flavours may bring momentary taste to your buds, but it may make your life permanently distasteful.

19 thoughts on “An open letter to the new “hookah” school going generation!”

  1. I enjoyed your commentary. I have two little girls and am out of touch with teenagers these days. I recently learned what a Juul is. Maybe the appeal of vaping is the lack of cigarette smoke but it’s still chemicals and I was shocked to learn the milligrams of nicotine FAR out weighted that of a cigarette. I don’t know of it is celebrity pop-culture encouraging this??? There is always something with each generation…

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  2. I want to tag some of my hookah-lover friends but they have never heard of WordPress. I guess the education system needs a revamp.


  3. Really awesome post and good for you for standing up for what you believe! I live in the U.S. so I’m guessing “hookah” is like what we call “weed” or marijuana here?

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