The perks of being early!

Hi there!

As I already told you, I have rejoined college and that’s keeping me quite busy these days. My classes begin at 7.25am. That’s the reason I’m not blogging to much, and well I don’t blog just for the sake of blogging 🙈 I blog when I actually have something to share.

So here I’m.

Right from the school days, I have always been a morning person. I never have issues waking up early. People “burn the midnight oil” during exams. I prefer “welcoming the rising sun”. 🌕

When I was pursuing my undergraduate, my friends were ALWAYS cribbing about the morning classes and often asked me why was I so early literally everyday!

I don’t know! It’s just that my parents had made it a point to wake me early even in weekends. I hated it sometimes (When I’m up till late watching a movie🙈) but then I got used to the waking up part.

After completing undergraduate, I took an year off from studies, and even at home I never left this habit. Now that college has begun again, I don’t have any problem in the waking up part, because I find myself the first one to enter the class again. And being early has a lot of perks actually!😂

You get to see the “silent” life in college – Jokes apart, when I arrive, the college campus is just in it’s waking up stage, and the classroom is all empty and spooky. 😂 I switch on the lights and open the windows. but I have a feeling, what if someone is sitting there, someone invisible?

I get to be with “myself” – You know that feeling, when you just want to stay quiet, and not talk to ANYONE? I’m in that kind of zone every morning. So being early helps me in avoiding a lot of unnecessary hellos and hi(s) as soon as I enter college. After half an hour of “me time”, I am open to all kinds of salutations. 😋

I get to complete all the incomplete tasks

An empty classroom is a great place to study. I get nearly forty five minutes before fellow classmates start arriving, and I utilise that time to complete my incomplete tasks, homeworks and assignments. Studying in the morning with a fresh mind makes me remember everything I read in those forty five minutes. And I have plenty of time to think! 🤣

I get to be with my best friend , earphones!

It’s not everyday that I have incomplete tasks to complete, there are days when I have nothing to do, and on such days, I stand by the window, and listen to soft music. Music is my version of caffeine. Soothing and refreshing, hitting my veins at the right spot.

And well I’m free to doodle things on the greenboard too. 😂 I can write my name, I can pretend to teach and I can write “IT’S LEVIOOSA NOT LEVIOSAA” and “UNAGIIIII” on it too. Btw today I didn’t 😂 I can’t seem to find the chalk and duster.

Trust me, being early has it fun. 😂😂😂


10 thoughts on “The perks of being early!”

  1. 12 years of schooling, to catch the first bus to school; and that habit of early waking is still far from settling in…
    now when job life demands it; I wish I had that calling, but sadly somethings don’t change, like sleeping when the sun is waking!!


  2. I would love to be an early riser, but there are too many times I don’t get back home till late and I can’t not sleep in when the opportunity arises. Haha. Enjoy your mornings and good luck with school!


  3. Just be careful x approaches infinity or negative infinity in those function out there on blackboard.
    I miss my classroom sessions..
    And your best friend ear phones are my best too..
    Nice write up..
    Congratulations.. as you mentioned.. getting up.. in early.. morning..
    That’s really best thing anyone.. do it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Just waw…i was also a early morning person since childhood but last few years i have lost somewhere n today i realised that its just bcoz i changed my habit.
    Seriously it was really a great feeling to arrive a vacant classroom in the mornings before assembly…😊


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