My Book Of Experiences

My book of experiences – 1

Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I once read, “If you write the experience that you have every day throughout the year, at the end you’ll have a hefty book of experiences.

Today on the 1st of January, 2019 I wish to start my book. Here’s what I learnt.

Day 1 – The time you spend on yourself is the most fruitful time of your day.

My day begun at 5 in the morning as I had decided to join the #5amclub preached by The Great Robin Sharma. I didn’t check my phone, or the mailbox. I sat and thought. About myself.

Ranchi is facing adverse winter conditions this year. The temperature gets closer to 5° in the morning. I was freezing, yet the tranquility appealed to me and made me feel calm and composed.

I directed the beginning of this year rather than the circumstances.

And it felt good.

I also ended up studying, since the early morning increases my retention capacity manifolds.

My mother woke up suprised, and beaming.

Thereafter, I paid attention to small things I generally avoided, the CTM routine, making tea for myself, singing whilst I worked, decluttering my purse, arranging my shelf, all the chores I general regard as “minimal” activities. It as noon by the time I found myself “free” and yet I hadn’t checked my phone. I hadn’t worried about my social media activities.

After lunch I chose to read, since 2018 turned out to be the year I read the least. I chose a book that’s soon going to be a blockbuster movie, The Accidental Prime Minister by Sanjaya Baru.

When I finally picked up my phone, I called two of friends, and wished them, and ended up calling all the relatives I really care about. There are about a handful, but I know they love me and they need to be reminded that I wish them a prosperous year ahead. As it turned out to be, they were surprised.

We often tend to tread on the little things that may bestow upon us a vast bouquet of happiness.

It’s around 8 in the evening, and I have done everything that I needed to, everything that I avoided doing for months. They mostly comprised of trivial stuffs, that we keep adding to our to-do lists and cross it, scheduling it for the next day, because of our busy schedule.

At the end of the day, I didn’t have a lot of conversations with people outside my family members, I wasn’t a part of any new year celebration, or any “groupfie”, or any such social gathering. But at the end, I was jubliant, more than I was in months. I wasn’t a part of any stressful situation, unwanted conversation that may have not mattered in the long run.

The other reason for this solitude may also be that fact that yesterday I installed WhatsApp and Facebook from my phone. The only app that remains are Your Quote, WordPress, and Instagram. And I’m quite enraptured with the lifestyle I have chosen for this year. I am happy, because I read, and wrote, the two things I love the most. And at the end it doesn’t matter what resolutions you took, what matters is you are happy and contented.

A very happy new year. ❤️

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