My Book Of Experiences

My book of experiences – 2

Day 2, 2nd January 2019 –

Blood is denser than water.

Amit Sharma is a neighbour of mine. He’s our locality’s “Sharma ji ka beta”, but he’s far away from the mythical “Sharma ji ka beta’s” that we found in memes. He is a reckless chap since I have known him, that is, since almost 10 years. He stays in a lodge, irrespective of the fact that his retired father and ailing mother are dependent on him. The day he got his first job, he had made it clear that he’s moving out, because he needs “space”, and a “life” and because he’s “too embarrassed” of his parents.

Often loud voices can be heard from their house, when Amit is home, and everyone knows he’s is one of his unnecessary rages again. We often assume that even his parents must heave a sigh of relief when he’s goes back into his useless life.

Last month, Amit came home in a shiny Baleno, which he had purchased for himself. His parents were elated, and even organised a small veneration for him, which obviously invited a lot of criticism and anger from Amit. Yesterday at around midnight, the wails of Sharma uncle woke up everyone.

All the male members of the locality reached to his support and came to know that Amit had had an accident. It was a case of drink and drive. One of his ‘friends’ had called up to inform of the former’s deteriorating situation at the accident spot.

Nobody had taken him to the hospital in fear of being questioned by the police.

Some people accompanied Sharma uncle, reached the spot and took Amit to the hospital immediately. A police case is registered on Amit for drinking and driving.

But he was saved, after a blood transfusion from his father, having a rare A negative blood group.

None of his “friends” who were a part of his happening and exciting, “life-less life”, were around him to support him.

I hope and wish, when Amit opens his eyes tomorrow, he realises that blood is denser than water.

Because while his embarassing father gave him blood, his good friends weren’t even there to offer him water.

No matter how old or dependent your parents are, they will always be one you can always rely on.

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