My Book Of Experiences

My book of experiences – 3

3rd January, 2018

The stress we take,
is often greater than the problem.

The third day of the year, and guess who calls me up. An ooo’old’ friend of mine. She showers me with questions of disappearing from the social media on new year’s eve and I just explain her the “secret of a saintly peaceful life” 😂. She was not convinced I would say. But she was obviously stressed about something.

Upon prodding, she burst out. Her life according to her had hit the “rock bottom.”

“I’m packing my bags.” She announced.

“For once, can you stop being a drama queen and answer me ?” I asked.

Her parents were talking about a guy in hushed tones and she assumed they were finding a match for her.

She was extremely tensed about the entire situation since she hasn’t completed her graduation yet. “I want to do something. I’ll flee. I don’t want to get hitched so soon.”

“Woah wait.” I said. “You’re the Geet of Jab We met that we are running away from home and it’s going to be all right.”

She wasn’t convinced. I’m the melodramatic slash immature one among all the people around me, and here I was, trying to convince someone else to not take up a irresponsible step.

I know 22 isn’t the right age to get married when you have dreams to be fulfilled, but I felt she needed to convince her parents about the same.

“Have you talked to your parents?” I asked, coaxing her.

“I haven’t slept or eaten since the last ten days. I can’t think straight. I can’t even bake with all this going on.”

She always dreamt of becoming a top notch baker. And if you’re unable to do something you’re a pro at, your mind is obviously not in the right place.

“Listen, you have had your share of stress, now, just once, talk to your parents. See what they are up to.”

“I won’t.” She was reluctant to talk to them.

“Running away isn’t a solution. Trust me and talk to them.”

I explained. After an hour of convincing her, she agreed to talk to her parents. As it turned out to be, they were actually trying to get one of her cousins hitched. The guy wasn’t being finalized for her.

“You won’t believe what happened Vishu.” She was ecstatic. All the time she had spent worrying, and starving was futile. Regardless to say, she unpacked her bags and is about to sleep peacefully as I write.

Alls well that ends well. But to think about it,don’t we all do that?

Think a lot. Think till the brink of our thoughts and drown ourselves in grief?

And what lies at the fag end of the mountain of worries?


I suppose no matter how optimistic we are, we all tend to behave this way when a trouble befalls us. We think irrationally before, behave irrationally and often get sick without trying to know that maybe the problem isn’t as big as we are perceiving it.

Do share your thoughts regarding this.



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