My Book Of Experiences

My book of experiences – 4

Day 4 – Something is planned for everyone. It’s just about waiting patiently for the right time.

The most frustrating part of the journey to success is the part where one has to “wait” after facing frequent failures.

Most people to succeed have to pass through this frustrating waiting period. This period not only tests your patience but also makes your question your own credibility.

Ravi bhaiya is a maternal cousin of mine who completed his graduation in 2008. For two years, he prepared for the prestigious Union public service commission examination. As it is well known, UPSC is not a cake walk.

After three years of waiting for the aftermath of his constant efforts, he started losing courage. Coupled with the consistent failure were the jibes and ridicule directed at him by his family, and relatives.

Every question directed at him regarding his future broke his confidence.

All hell broke loose when his elder brother asked him to join as a clerk in the nearby firm. Ravi bhaiya wasn’t ready to give up on civil services examination yet.

And with this decision, he left home in 2012.

Nobody knew where he stayed or how he managed to live on his own.

Today, after six years, he came back in a white ambassador car. Everyone was elated to see him. Even those who never stopped their hurtful remarks during his struggling days. He told everyone that he cleared Bihar Public service commission examination and was appointed in Bihar after the training completed.

The same people who had undermined him once, gathered around him and asked, “how did this happen after so many failures?”

He smiled and said, “Something has been planned for everyone. Work hard, give your best and wait. Your good time may be late, but it will surely come. Consistency and patience are the key to success.”

He is right. When times are adverse, and results are not as per our expectations, it’s better that we “be patient, and wait for our time.”

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