Random Ramblings

I’ll never say I miss you.

I’ll never say I miss you.
Merely eight alphabets can’t sum up how much I do.
I’ll rather send an emoji. 沈
Hoping, you would understand. Like you always did.
How can eight alphabets summarise every morning I see without you.
How can they justify the evenings that I spend soaking in the rain showers your memories brings.
How can they tell you about all the conversations I’ve with the moon about you?
How can they sing to you all the songs I hear, because they’re your favourite?
How will they explain the knot in my stomach when someone mentions you in past tense?
How will they explain, everything I say or do, I get reminded of you?
How will they explain the longing I’ve when I revisit places I always saw you in?
Will they shorten the roads that no more have your footsteps?
Will they bring you back on your chair where there’s just emptiness?
Will they bring me back the time when I could just keep seeing your stupid smile?
I doubt it can.
So I guess I’ll never say I miss you.
Instead, I’ll be happy believing we see the same moon.
Because almost it felt like magic.
And magic my love never fades.

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