Book Review

The very best of friends!

I'm back with unboxing the second book I gifted myself. The very best of friends The cover page - The content- This book was written before Friends till the end, so you'll find only the first three seasons in it. There are cute images from the first three seasons. A multiple choice question quiz is… Continue reading The very best of friends!

Book Review

My favorite thrillers!

The excitement of a book full of suspense, with jaw dropping twists and cliffhangers is known to all the thriller lovers. Well I don't stick to one genre, but thriller is one genre I love to read time and again. These are five favourite thrillers of mine, with their blurb. And NO SPOILER. 1. The… Continue reading My favorite thrillers!

Potter Arena

An open letter from Albus Severus Potter to his father.

Dear Dad, ❤️ I am all fine here and I hope that you and mother are doing good too. I am sorry,I couldn't write these days. There was so much going on in my life that I couldn't cope up with so many things at a time. ❤️❤️ Hogwarts is exactly like you described. Except… Continue reading An open letter from Albus Severus Potter to his father.