My Book Of Experiences

My book of experiences -5

5 January, 2019

Sometimes Destiny makes you wait for success! 🙂

For the last two months, I had been studying vigorously for NTA net December 2018. Nothing else made sense because all I could see was 22nd December, that is, the scheduled date for the examination.

Studying for around 14 hours a day, I was confident that it won’t be a herculean task for me to crack the examination in the first attempt.

Everyone who asked me the most dreaded question “what have you planned for the future” got the same answer, “I’m going to crack NTA net this year.”

On the examination day, I was nervous, yet, I knew I would ace the exam.

The examination was good. The questions were tricky but I didn’t find them difficult.

Hence I was eagerly waiting for the results, already planning a “post result speech” for “special relatives” who were on my nerves for an year, continuosly criticizing my “lack of hard work”.

But, today after the results came, I was stunned.

I wasn’t sad. I was aghast.

Perhaps no matter how hard you work, sometimes luck Isn’t in your favour.

I couldn’t get through by a tiny percentage.

After shedding a tear or two, I realised maybe destiny has planned something else for me.

Maybe, the almighty is expecting a little more push in my next attempt.

Maybe, success for me is a little denied.

But I know, it’ll not be denied.

3 thoughts on “My book of experiences -5”

  1. I’m happy to see that you’ve picked yourself up after a failure that meant everything to you. It’s nerve-wracking to fail unexpectedly, specially when You’re confident about where you stand with your preparation & hard work. I’m sure it will all pay off some day because no matter how hard failure can be, it does teach us valuable life lessons.

    I wish you luck for your future endeavors!
    Take care & stay strong❤

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    1. The appreciation really means a lot. Life has actually come to a point where you can’t halt to mourn or plan for long. Even if you fall, you need to dust yourself and begin again. 🙂 Thanks for your wishes.

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