My Book Of Experiences

My book of experiences – 6

6th January, 2019

I don’t like cooking. I never have. I never will.

I prefer reading than cooking. A dish is cooked in an hour and a half. And that is the exact same time it takes me to finish an average sized book.

I know they are two different things. But I have always been like that.

I started baking when I was in standard 11th, all thanks to my little sister. I seldom ignore her wishes. And she was ill, and wished to eat a cake at around 8.

The base of the cake was brownish and hard, and a little burnt, because I just followed the recipe I read in a jiffy. The shorter time it takes, the better.

The second time I baked, it was better than the first time.

Eventually it got a little better, but it was never perfect, as the base kept breaking, after sticking to the pan.

Few years after that, I completely stopped baking. I was not getting any better, and it was frustrating after a while.

2018 turned out to be the baking year for me. My father bought a microwave and also bought all the various microwave safe dishes and bowls. I was automatically “expected” to bake.

After three four spoilt cakes , I was on the verge of giving up again. Coincidentally, a friend of mine who was leaving the city, had baked a cake for herself and I casually mentioned my “baking adventures” to her.

She asked the ingredients I used, the temperature I generally set up for the cake, and other relevant details. And expert as she was, mentioned my folly.

I blindly followed the recipe on the internet, and never sprinkled more than a pinch of flour on the base before pouring the batter.

She asked me to sprinkle the flour evenly.

I came home and tried it the way she had told me.

Here’s the first cake I didn’t burn or over cook, or under cook. 😂

It actually came out perfect.

It took me years to make the perfect cake. But that’s how life is, right?

It’s like baking. You mess up with the basics at first, and there’s always a little burnt piece here, and a little rawness there. Sometimes you even give up, frustrated with all the mess.

But eventually things fall into piece and you learn the right way. Moreover every experience is sweeter than the previous one.

What do you think?

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